Sport and Play

Entertainment at the camp site

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Indoor playground

Rain or shine...

Come climb and scramble in our indoor playground!

Go down the superfast slide, dodge all the obstacles or play hide-and-seek with your friends.... but watch out for the pirate!

At check-in, you will receive a personal GinsterveldCard, which gives you access to the playground.


Play outside

For hours!

During your stay at Camping Ginsterveld, the children can indulge in the outdoors. The slogan of Ginsterveld campsite is after all: naturally child-friendly fun! There are many sports options, an air trampoline and an indoor sand and water playground. In addition, the children can also enjoy the football cage, the large playground or one of the playgrounds on each field.


Air trampoline

Jump and play

The air trampoline cannot be missing from our camp site. Here, children will get to know peers who also like jumping and playing. The air trampoline is a firm favourite of young and old alike. Even moms and dads love to play at the giant air pillow!


Covered sand and water play area

Experiment with sand and water

The covered sand and water play area is just the place to experiment with sand and water. The kids will be playing in the shade in warm and sunny weather and dry when it rains. This way, children can enjoy playing outside in all weather conditions.


Play cage

Being sporty on holiday

You are welcome to play a game of football, basketball and much much more in the play cage. Whether you want to kick a ball for fun or are passionate about it. It is important to keep active even when you are on holiday. The play cage is meant for young and old alike. Do you want to join a tournament? Ginsterveld’s entertainment team organises great tournaments in the play cage during the season.


Play ship

Play like a real pirate

Step on-board the play ship, ahoy ahoy captain! On the play ship, children feel like real pirates. Let them climb, scramble or slide down the exciting slide. Moms and dads can keep an eye from a safe distance. Of course, no hijackers are allowed on the coast!


Cable car

Whizz to the other side

A cable car at the camp site? Check, we have one. Do you dare to take the cable car? At full speed it feels like you are flying to the other side. Who-oh-who will reach the other side first?


Climb and scramble

Various playgrounds

There are various playgrounds around Ginsterveld camp site. There is therefore always a nice playground near the camp spots and accommodation. Ideal! Tip: walk around and investigate all playgrounds at the camp site. Come and take a look at the large playground!